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Alright everyone…big inhale and fingers crossed for good weather as we try for a Saturday, March 2, 2024 workday. Been loving the precipitation, but it’d be nice to get into the park and get some work down!

We are planning for our normal three events of dog waste cleanup, trash cleanup, and trail work. Use the links below to signup and come out and help.

Dog waste cleanup

Trash cleanup

Trail work

The events all start at 9:00 am and will last until around 12:30 pm. Trash and trail will check-in at the Maizeland parking lot, and dog waste will check-in at the Yucca Flats parking lot. Please dress for the activity and weather. If the weather is under 30 degrees or is precipitating, we will post notice of cancellation and send out an email. But collective hope that the weather cooperates for us this time.

See you in the park!