P.O. Box 26651, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 gopalmerpark@gmail.com

Guardians of Palmer Park (GoPP) began meeting in January 2009.   Friends and neighbors inspired by their love for the park and their concerns about the effects of budget cuts for city parks, founded GoPP.  After several successful projects, it was decided to set up a nonprofit corporation to support GoPP’s activities.

The organization’s mission is to help maintain Palmer Park’s unique beauty, recreational opportunities, and spirit for the enjoyment of future generations. 

Palmer Park is named after General William Jackson Palmer.

We encourage you to join us.

The Mission of Guardians of Palmer Park is:

  • to enhance, protect, defend, and maintain the physical integrity, natural beauty and physical resources of Palmer Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • to raise money for upkeep, maintenance, and protection of park land, facilities, wildlife, and vegetation.
  • to encourage responsible use of the park by the numerous different users of the park, including hikers, bicyclists, dog-walkers (with and without leash), kite-fliers,  LARPers, frisbee-throwers, playground-users, picnickers, and sports participants.
  • to assist the City of Colorado Springs to maintain the park in all ways that do not conflict with the other elements of GoPP’s mission statement.

Our Work projects:

  1. Trail maintenance
  2. Inventory and repair of features in the park such as picnic tables
  3. Staffing information tables during organized activities that occur in the park 
  4. Exotic weed removal and fire mitigation
  5. Graffiti removal
  6. Litter and trash removal, with a strong emphasis on dog waste cleanup

Administrative Help:

  1. Attending GoPP meetings, City Parks meetings, and attending other relevant meetings related to parks and their preservation
  2. Serving as a liaison to other local outdoor groups
  3. Membership recruitment
  4. Fund-raising
  5. Collecting park history, etc.
  6. Community connections through website, personal outreach, and social media

Current Board Members:

  • David M.
  • Ryan F. 
  • John H.
  • Patrick W.
  • Vance F. 
  • Michael M. 
  • Ron B.
  • Awk S. 
  • Brian A.