P.O. Box 26651, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 gopalmerpark@gmail.com

The Guardians of Palmer Park are holding a workday Saturday, November 7, in the park. We are looking for a few good volunteers to help us. In view of the ongoing public health situation with COVID-19, there are some rules in effect for those who wish to volunteer for this event.

Here are the main rules:

1) There will be three separate working groups:

  • Group 1 will be doing mitigation work along Lazy Land Road. It will meet in the parking lot at the entrance gate of the Lazy Land road. 
  • If you wish to Join this group please preregister at:


  • Group 2 will do trash pickup throughout the park.  It will meet at the Maizeland Parking Lot near the Storage container next to the baseball field

To preregister for this group go to:


  • Group 3 will pick up dog waste (and any other trash that may be found) on the Yucca/Mesa trails (the dog off-leash areas). It will meet at the Yucca Area / Ute Crest,  parking lot. 

To preregister for this group go to:


2) Each working group will be limited to ten volunteers. Only preregistered volunteers will be accommodated,  Walk-ons will be turned away. Volunteers showing up without a face mask will be turned away. Volunteers are encouraged to provide their own work gloves. Volunteers are also encouraged to bring their own water.

3) The time frame for all working groups is 9 a.m. to 12:00 noon. 

4) The Guardians of Palmer Park will provide tools. Tools will be disinfected before use and at the end of the workday. 

5) “Social distancing” rule will be in effect. Leaders will attempt to keep volunteers at least 6 feet apart. 

Thank you