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It’s a bit snowy and cold out there today. But you know when it’s supposed to be a gorgeous autumn day? That’s right, next Saturday the 4th. Just in time for our next workday. So, use the links below to come out and help us in the park while enjoying one last day of Daylight Savings time! We will be hosting our normal three events of trash cleanup, dog waste cleanup, and trail work. Our trail work is going to be a unique event where we will split up into groups and spot repair trails throughout the park to help with the rain caused rutting issues that occurred this summer.

As always, please dress for the weather and event, which includes long pants and closed toed shoes for trail work. All events start at 9:00 am. Trash and trail will meet at the Maizeland parking lot and dog waste cleanup will meet at the Yucca Flats parking lot. See you in the park!

Trash Cleanup

Dog Waste Cleanup

Trail Work