P.O. Box 26651, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 gopalmerpark@gmail.com

What a terrific day in the park! Thanks to everyone who came out to help. We had over 20 people volunteer their time to help make the park a better place, and they gave it their all.

We completed a trail restore on South Canyon Trail that was very needed after all of the rain and storms. We picked up a great deal of dog waste on Yucca Flats. Of course, come October when the vegetation is much less dense than it is now, there will be a lot of hidden prizes to find. And we picked up trash throughout the park. And to top it off, we received over $35 in donations from park patrons. It was an awesome day. Thank you all again for your time, support, and money to keep the country’s best park looking and feeling good.

We are planning for an upcoming special September workday with The Mission Continues in remembrance of 9/11. Please keep a lookout for our positing of that workday so that you can come out and help us while also honoring the injured and fallen.

You all rock!