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It’s back!!! Our annual Three Parks in Three Days event for the Earth Day Weekend is happening once again this year. We are paired up with the same friends groups as before, Friends of Peregrine Parks & Open Spaces and Friends of Ute Valley Park.

We will be doing various forms of trail work at each park all three days. We will be at Blodgett Open Space with Friends of Peregrine Parks & Open Spaces on Friday April 19, at Palmer Park on Saturday April 20, and at Ute Valley Park on Sunday April 21. For the Palmer Park workday, we will be revegetating, clearing trail corridors, and closing down rogue/social trails.

All events will start at 9:00 am and will last until around 1:00 pm. Please dress for the weather and the activity. If there is snow or temperatures are below 30 degrees, we will post notices of cancellation.

So, come out and join us for one, two, or all three days of great volunteering in our wonderful open spaces.

The link to join the Palmer Park workday on April 20 is: https://cerv.is/0132gtmBWgE

Links to join the Friends of Peregrine Parks & Opens Spaces and Friends of Ute Valley Park workdays are soon to follow, so please keep an eye out for them.

We will also have drink tickets to Goat Patch for those who come out and volunteer.

See you in the parks!