P.O. Box 26651, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 gopalmerpark@gmail.com

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to host a workday in the park and it could use some love. Therefore, we are calling all volunteers to come out and help us Saturday the 3rd doing some cleanup and trail work.

We will be hosting our normal three activities of trash cleanup, dog waste cleanup, and trail work. Use the links below to signup through the city and help us get the park ready for summer!

Trash Cleanup

Dog Waste Cleanup

Trail Work

We will initially check in at the Maizeland parking lot at 9:00 am before heading to each event. As always, please dress for the weather and activity, including wearing long pants, gloves, and closed toed shoes if participating in trail work.

And remember, free beer tickets to #goatpatchbrewing for everyone who volunteers!

See you in the park! 

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