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2016 saw two significant trail improvement and maintenance projects in Palmer Park:

  • Improving the Edna Mae Bennett Nature Trail
  • Rerouting and maintaining the Brenner Trail

In addition several other trails underwent regular, more “standard”, maintenance and cleanup throughout the year.

Edna Mae Bennett Nature Trail

This is one of the most iconic and most visited trails in Palmer Park. Unfotunately, over the course of the last several years, some sections of the trail became severely eroded and began to look like this:

Eroded portion of trail

a section of the Edna Mae Bennett Nature Trail before our recent work

In the spring and summer of 2016, the Guardians of Palmer Park (GoPP) teamed with the expert trail maintenance personnel of the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI) to completely renovate this trail, so that those sections look more like this:

…and after trail work.

Brenner Trail

The Guardians of Palmer Park worked to reroute a steep, very eroded section of the Brenner Trail. This involved cutting a nearly one thousand feet of new trail in a part of the park that is more heavily wooded than most of the park.

Brenner trail being rerouted

Brenner trail being rerouted

Trail Work Slideshows

GoPP board member, Mike Guinn, documented much of this work. Some photographs are presented in our gallery:

Edna Mae Bennett Nature Trail

Brenner Trail


There are more pictures posted in our Facebook page.