P.O. Box 26651, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 gopalmerpark@gmail.com

Come join us for our July GoPP workday on Saturday July 9th at 8:30 am. We will be meeting at the Maizeland parking lot to check in. We have three volunteer activities to choose from:

Dog Waste Cleanup: https://www.cervistech.com/acts/console.php?console_id=0132&console_type=event_list&res_code=AD0HKX&ht=1

Trash Cleanup: https://www.cervistech.com/acts/console.php?console_id=0132&console_type=event_list&res_code=O7bj2C&ht=1

Trail Work: https://www.cervistech.com/acts/console.php?console_id=0132&console_type=event_list&res_code=uGdMik&ht=1

Come out and help us keep the park looking great, especially after a holiday weekend!